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Fire Division

Fire Division is an all-inclusive fire preparation app for Android and iOS that aims to help aspiring Firefighters get to where they want to be. There's thousands of free test questions built by the Fire Division community to help you prepare for your big test or simply just keep you on your game. There's a variety of blogs to keep you up to date on the latest fire ground tactics or to take your firefighting fitness to the next level. Our robust recruitment system ensures that you never miss an upcoming opportunity around you or anywhere else in Canada (US coming soon). At Fire Division, it's our mission to give you all the tools and information to land your dream job in one app. With the diverse team at Fire Division, fellow aspiring firefighters and full timers, we know the struggle and the road you've travelled to get here.



Here's some questions we get asked frequently

Well, none in particular. We try to gather the best questions from all the resources we have access to. From there, we categorize them the best we can to help you focus in on the material you need help with most.

From people like you and I! Career and aspiring firefighters contribute to the app and help make it what it is today. We review every question that's submitted to ensure accuracy and proper categorization.

Yes. For now we're just focusing on Canadian recruitments but US recruitments are coming soon.

Thanks for your interest! Simply email us at or contact us through the app and we'll be in touch.

We are really excited to hear that! Email us at with your resume and tell us a bit about yourself. We are always looking for like minded people who have a passion for firefighting or interested in topics like fitness, nutrition, and health and safety.

100% of all donations go to server costs and any fees associated with the app. The Fire Division team wants to give a big thank you for the generous donations.

If you found an active recruitment that we don’t have please click the contact us link on the app and select "New Recruitment" in the drop down menu. We will add the recruitment as soon as possible.

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App available for Android and iOS.

Download Now.